Celebrate America’s Birthday in Style!

The July 4th holiday and summer time fun is approaching and you can do your part in celebrating America’s birthday every day of the year in our new American Flag Micro Bikini. Or simply wear it for fun because it’s very sexy and looks fantastic whether you are styling it at the beach, boating at the lake or working on your tan by the pool. It will also bring a little joy to all those who get to see you wearing it. This bikini is made from shiny lycra fabric so the stars and stripes print pops even more and the red and white bottom is available in all our popular styles including a g-string, v-back, mini micro, mini scrunch, full scrunch, cheeky, brazilian and whailtail.

New Mini Scrunch Butt in Solid Matte Lycra!

It’s no secret how sexy our Sheer Mini Scrunch Butt bottoms are and now available is our Mini Scrunch Butt Matte Lycra bottom in 13 gorgeous solid colors. Our Mini Scrunches are the ideal bikini when you need a little coverage but still want to accentuate all your curves that should never be hidden. This super sexy low-rise Mini Scrunch has the perfect butt hugging pucker and is bound to become one of you favorite go to bikinis for a day at the beach or partying at the pool. Why not buy matching colors in the sheer and solid?

It’s the Summer of Sheer!

What could be better on a hot summer day than wearing a sheer micro bikini? We can’t think of anything unless of course you plan on also getting wet. It’s already see through so you might as well. Celebrate summer with one of our micros, mini micros and our hugely popular mini scrunch butt bikini which is available in 12 awesome colors.

Sheer Mini Scrunch Butt – Now Available!

Everyone loves our sheer lightweight mesh micro bikinis and they’re now also available in a super sexy low-rise mini scrunch butt bottom. Our see through mini scrunch has the perfect butt hugging pucker that will accentuate your heavenly curves, especially when wet. They’re available in your favorite color including orange, green, cerise, turquoise, red, pink, baby pink, baby blue, yellow, coral, white and black.

Mini Scrunch Butt Bikini – Sneak Peek

Our model Lena isn’t the only one enamored with her mini scrunch butt bikini bottom as she takes a selfie of her sheer turquoise bikini. This is a sneak peek of the new scrunch bottom we’ll be adding to the shop in time for spring and summer. You may have noticed in the post title this is what we call our “mini scrunch butt” bottom, which means we’ll also offer a fuller “scrunch butt” bottom. It’ll ride a little higher and a little wider for more coverage but of course it will still be a micro bikini so how big can it actually get :)