NEW Sheer Bandeau Micro Bikini

Our brand NEW Sheer Bandeau Micro Bikini Top is simply stunning and will be a hit everywhere you wear it. Also known to some as a tube top our comfortable body hugging bandeau is even more see through when wet and ideal for your next tropical adventure. It’s available in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL for the perfect fit. Pair it with your favorite matching sheer bottom style selecting from g-string, mini-micro, mini scrunch butt, full scrunch butt, cheeky, brazilian or whaletail thong.

Whaletail Thong Micro Bikini

Get ready to fall in love with our NEW Whaletail Thong micro bikini bottom. It combines the sexy minimal coverage of a thong with a little more fabric that wraps around and accentuates your not to be missed backside. Our whaletail also features an elastic scrunch that gives it the perfect puckered fit. A Sheer Whaletail Thong is also availabe in thirteen gorgeous colors.

Sheer Cheeky Bottom Micro Bikini

Don’t miss our brand new Sheer Cheeky Bottom micro bikini. It’s a sexy cut bottom that provides a more moderate cheeky coverage in back than what we call our “Brazilian” bottom but it still shows off your glorious backside. Plus it’s sheer! It’s a must have addition to your sheer bikini collection. This Cheeky shares the same low rise front as our Scrunch Butt Bottoms. Select your favorite from the hottest sheer mesh colors. Before we forget it’s also available in Solid Matte Lycra.

Our Sexy Brazilian Bottom is now available in Sheer!

All our Sheer mesh micro bikinis look amazing and our brand new Sheer Brazilian micro bikini is no exception. Our new skimpy Bottom has the perfect Brazilian cut so you don’t have too little or too much coverage at the beach. It’s just right and very sexy. Select your favorite colors available in Orange, Green, Cerise, Turquoise, Red, Pink, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Yellow, Coral, Royal Blue, White and Black.

New Mini Scrunch Butt in Solid Matte Lycra!

It’s no secret how sexy our Sheer Mini Scrunch Butt bottoms are and now available is our Mini Scrunch Butt Matte Lycra bottom in 13 gorgeous solid colors. Our Mini Scrunches are the ideal bikini when you need a little coverage but still want to accentuate all your curves that should never be hidden. This super sexy low-rise Mini Scrunch has the perfect butt hugging pucker and is bound to become one of you favorite go to bikinis for a day at the beach or partying at the pool. Why not buy matching colors in the sheer and solid?

Full Scrunch Butt Bottom – Now Available!

Get ready to fall in love with our new sexy Full Scrunch Butt Bikini bottom and matching top which are available in 13 gorgeous matte lycra colors. Our Full Scrunch has a perfect butt hugging pucker that will accentuate your curves but will provide more coverage in back and doesn’t ride as low as our hugely popular Mini Scrunch Butt. Select your favorite colors available in Cerise, Turquoise, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Samba Yellow, Pink, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Red, Royal Blue, White and Black.