About Beach Revolution Swimwear

Welcome to BR Swimwear. Your first destination for the sexy minimal coverage swimwear every confident woman desires. Our bikinis are designed solely to showcase the female form and are even more daring when they get wet. We offer very comfortable curve enhancing print, solid, sheer and fishnet designs that will never go out of style and will make excellent additions to your expanding micro bikini collection. We like to think of our micro bikinis as outdoor lingerie where you can celebrate how beautiful and sexy you look and feel in public as well as in private. And if you're fortunate to receive one of our bikinis as a gift the unspoken message is clear - "You have a gorgeous body and I only want to see more of it." Whether you're at a sunny resort, the beach or your backyard be prepared for the extra attention you'll receive even if you aren't purposely showing off. The choice is simple, wear Beach Revolution Swimwear or nothing at all.

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